Thursday, 14 March 2013

Meet The Blogger London

Networking is an important part of blogging. I knew there was a community of bloggers around interiors and design, but I never expected it to be such a lovely and warm community, where everybody takes pleasure out of inspiring each other and sharing their knowledge regardless whether you're a professional or a beginning blogger. Last weekend I attended Meet The Blogger in London and it was great to meet up with all those lovely bloggers. I just cannot tell you how much fun it was! It was fabulous to meet up with familiar faces as well as to be introduced to quite a few new ones.

During the day everyone could attend a number of workshops and I had the pleasure to listen to Yvonne Eijkenduin from Yvestown and Will Taylor from Bright Bazaar. Listening to what they feel made their blogs so successful and learn a trick or two made me want to get back and start working straight away. And it was actually quite nice to hear that it also takes them - the pros - a serious amount of time to put a good post together! That made me feel so much better as I always feel like a slow-coach needing time to learn everything on the go with time being rather precious and often lacking...
I also did a very interesting furniture painting techniques workshop with lovely Louisa Blackmore from West Egg Interiors, as well as a rather well-attended workshop about the art of telling a visual story by photographer Paul Craig.

I'm really determined to learn and use my DSLR camera more now - and bring it into practice..! All in all it was not only a great networking event, but a really stimulating and inspiring one too. I seriously have to consider to attend the next one too, which will be in Amsterdam - oh, what a shame..!! Anyone want to come along?

Lots of love,
Trinske x


  1. Thanks for sharing this... Good to see your photos too! It was a fun day and wonderful for me to meet some of the faces I've been tweeting the last few months!

    1. My pleasure and thank you! I loved seeing your pictures on the MTB site and hope to see you again some other time in the future too - Amsterdam?!? (perhaps I could cheekily learn a few tricks from you too as learning about photography is really high up on my wish list!)

  2. Great to see you on Saturday. Glad you enjoyed the event and a shame you missed the tour.

    Hope to see you soon.

  3. Very nice to read about your BYW experience. I certainly hope to see you in Amsterdam the next time!