Monday, 8 April 2013

HKliving's Spring Catalogue

Styled and photographed by Finnish Paulina Arcklin, HKliving have released their new Spring Catalogue showing off the new additions to their collection. You can view the new catalogue on their also brand new website, but for now I just wanted to share with you some of the pictures. Aren't they gorgeous?!? 

Paulina loves whites and so do I. Being the UK agent for HKliving I am a little biased, but putting that aside, I really love Paulina's style of photography. Having visited the HKliving showroom in Holland during the Easter holidays, I have seen the collection in the flesh and I was personally very taken by the new collection of over dyed rugs (as featured in the picture with the hanging rattan ball chair and the one just above). These wool rugs are hand-knotted and subsequently dyed, washed and then shaven and trimmed to get the right worn effect. They look beautiful, feel beautiful and I can see them looking fabulous with our new white Eames DSW dining chairs (although probably not so practical with young children at the dining table...) or in our sitting area. But that would require a new sofa to make a better match and that is probably one step too far for now! Hmmm, I'm going to give it some more thought...

What do you think? Have you got a favourite one? 

Lots of love,
Trinske x

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Meet The Blogger London

Networking is an important part of blogging. I knew there was a community of bloggers around interiors and design, but I never expected it to be such a lovely and warm community, where everybody takes pleasure out of inspiring each other and sharing their knowledge regardless whether you're a professional or a beginning blogger. Last weekend I attended Meet The Blogger in London and it was great to meet up with all those lovely bloggers. I just cannot tell you how much fun it was! It was fabulous to meet up with familiar faces as well as to be introduced to quite a few new ones.

During the day everyone could attend a number of workshops and I had the pleasure to listen to Yvonne Eijkenduin from Yvestown and Will Taylor from Bright Bazaar. Listening to what they feel made their blogs so successful and learn a trick or two made me want to get back and start working straight away. And it was actually quite nice to hear that it also takes them - the pros - a serious amount of time to put a good post together! That made me feel so much better as I always feel like a slow-coach needing time to learn everything on the go with time being rather precious and often lacking...
I also did a very interesting furniture painting techniques workshop with lovely Louisa Blackmore from West Egg Interiors, as well as a rather well-attended workshop about the art of telling a visual story by photographer Paul Craig.

I'm really determined to learn and use my DSLR camera more now - and bring it into practice..! All in all it was not only a great networking event, but a really stimulating and inspiring one too. I seriously have to consider to attend the next one too, which will be in Amsterdam - oh, what a shame..!! Anyone want to come along?

Lots of love,
Trinske x

Monday, 4 March 2013

Rowen & Wren's new Spring Collection

Did you enjoy the sunshine today? Wasn't it beautiful? It really made me feel like Spring has arrived. And so I wanted to share with you some images of Rowen & Wren's beautiful new Spring Collection. Rowen & Wren is an online company selling gorgeous home accessories and furniture, based in the UK and owned by Lucy Uren and her partner Graham Purdy. A young couple who really seem to know how to do things right! All of their products are carefully selected and beautifully photographed as you'll soon notice when you browse their equally stylish site. They launched their new Spring Collection last week and I'm so pleased that they are now a HKliving stockist! Lucy and her team did a lovely job on photographing their products in a true Rowen & Wren style that I just had to share with you. The bench above is a lovely teak bench by HKliving suitable for outdoor use and below you'll see pictures of the marble breadboards and the wooden plate rack with six wooden plates.

What do you think? Don't these pictures inspire you or rather make you want to hide your credit card...? 

Lots of love,
Trinske x 

All images are courtesy of Rowen & Wren

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Bookmarked: Pale & Interesting

Sometimes it's nice to treat yourself a little and so I treated myself to this really inspiring interiors book "Pale & Interesting" by Atlanta Bartlett and Dave Coote. It's not only packed with stunning pictures of gorgeous interiors, but it's actually the summary of their design philosophy and the thoughts behind it make it even more interesting in my opinion. So I wanted to share some impressions from the book with you!

Atlanta is a stylist and Dave is a designer, they are a married couple and are based in Kent in the UK. No surprise you can expect some creativity from a couple like that! They didn't have the same style when they met - Dave's style is rugged and quite masculine where Atlanta's is more feminine and predominantly white (I've also got her lovely "At home with white" book). However, their approach to interior design has evolved over the 15 years that they've spent living and working together. They were both looking for a simpler and more laid-back style and they shared a passion for anything old and antiques, so that's become the leading thread. 

The book is divided up in chapters that represent the steps in their design philosophy. I liked straight away their first one, 'Keep it Simple', in which they basically plead for decluttering by saying 'Only retain what is useful or beautiful'. I MUST remember that one. Somehow we all collect too many things over the years, don't we?!? 

I won't go into too much detail on the other chapters, but here are some of my favourite spreads:

Atlanta and Dave's cooperation created some chemistry and they subsequently opened up their gorgeous online shop 'Pale & Interesting', making their style available to a wider audience and as if that wasn't keeping them busy enough, they also run a photographic locations agency called The Beach Studios and Locations. (certainly worth a browse too if you're looking for some more inspiration!) 

I hope you enjoyed this little preview and would love to hear if you can recommend any other 'must-reads'!

Lots of love,
Trinske x

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Paulina Arcklin, Finnish Stylist and Photographer

I am really excited. Paulina Arcklin is a Finnish, Amsterdam based multi-talented lady. (One of those people you can get that teeny-weeny bit jealous of....) She is a superb photographer but does not only take the most stunning pictures, she orchestrates the entire setting from concept to production and does the story telling too. So in sum, Paulina is a Stylist, Photographer, as well as an Interior and Decorator Writer and has worked with numerous international magazines such as Elle Decoration UK, Dutch VTwonen and 101 Woonideeën, Elle Korea and Glorian Koti in Finland. Sounds pretty impressive, right?!?

So, ready to get inspired? Have a look at some examples of her work below and dream away:

Isn't that gorgeous? It is so beautifully light, powdery soft, yet with a strong sense of design. I think anyone would feel calmer and better spirited in those spaces. Paulina certainly has a love for white (her own home is all white!) However, she is also great in creating different settings as some of the work shows she has already done for HKliving in their showroom or the recent pictures she's taken at Formex 2013 in Sweden: 

So, why I am really excited is, is because Paulina will be working with HKliving again to put a Spring brochure together. Now, that raises the expectations, doesn't it? Obviously I'm slightly biased when it comes to HKliving being the UK agent, but I do think that the result will be amazing with someone like Paulina involved. The brochure will be coming out in a couple of weeks, so keep tuned! I have no idea what it will look like, but I'm sure it will be an eye-catcher and I will certainly share it when it is released. 

Lots of love,

Trinske x

All images are by Paulina Arcklin

Monday, 4 February 2013

A Girly Room for a Little Girl

With both of my pregnancies we didn't find out whether we were having a boy or girl and I like a calming environment for a baby anyway, so I chose to decorate the nursery in neutral colours (there really are more exciting options than the standard green or yellow!). For the birth of our second daughter Ilse, I chose to paint one wall in Shaded White from Farrow & Ball and created a tree from cheap, brown textured wall paper from B&Q adorned with leaves cut out of (free!) samples of gorgeous hand-pressed wallpapers from - again - Farrow & Ball. I was pleased with the result if I may say so myself, but time moves fast. Ilse will be turning 2 in March and the nursery is still the same.... So it's about time to add a bit of a girly touch to it, isn't it?!?

I don't really want to get rid of the tree completely yet, so I was thinking of adding touches of pinks to the soft grey and neutral scheme and here are some pictures that inspired me:

Image source by and Interiors Originals Blog

I absolutely LOVE the idea of paper flowers and add some 'blossom' to the tree and I think I'm just going to work with nice cushions to inject pinks. I am making a crochet soft grey blanket with pink and purple roses on it, so some pink cushions will go nicely with that. 

Image source by Poppytalk blog, and La Camille boutique

The cutest idea I find is the display of wall boxes with gorgeous wall-papered backs for on one of the other walls. I also love the picture with the built in bed (if we had bigger bedrooms!), but it's actually the chandelier that I'm thinking of. I already have a similar one for our eldest daughter with shades covered in Pip Studio fabrics, but for Ilse's room it will be nice to have one with more muted colours and perhaps a baby pink polka dot or gingham. The mobile will be a nice DIY project. 

You'll have to bear with me, but I'll share some of the results later!

Lots of love,

Trinske x  

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Mixing Old Spaces with New

My husband and I went to view a house last week. Not because we need or want to move, but simply because the opportunity came up. It is a grade-II listed old house from around 1720 and has bags of atmosphere with old floors, big fire places, lots of beams and sash-windows with window seats. There are always compromises to be made no matter what budget you have, but it didn't tick all the boxes after all and it needs a lot of work, which we wouldn't be able to afford if we did get it. So unfortunately I think I just have to put it out of my mind as I could so see what an amazing house you can make of it, but I did dream on for a bit.....

My other half isn't so hot on old features like I am, he is more into contemporary design. However, I can appreciate different styles, which is probably why my personal style is a mix. I do like old as well as contemporary design, and so I dreamt for a bit what style we could turn this house into... I found the above pictures on Light Locations and wanted to share with you this snapshot of mixing new into old spaces. How gorgeous does this design kitchen look in this space with old beams? And I LOVE the combination of this beautiful shower with a roll top bath! White washing the beams looks fabulous too, although I think some people would be horrified if we did that in a grade-II listed house.... We live in a new-built property and are lucky to have a soft grey limestone floor with underfloor heating everywhere. That wouldn't be so easy to put into an old property, so I think my next choice would be the light washed herringbone wooden floor!

Have you had any opportunities coming past that really made you think? What do you dream of sometimes?

Lots of love,
Trinske x