Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Bookmarked: Pale & Interesting

Sometimes it's nice to treat yourself a little and so I treated myself to this really inspiring interiors book "Pale & Interesting" by Atlanta Bartlett and Dave Coote. It's not only packed with stunning pictures of gorgeous interiors, but it's actually the summary of their design philosophy and the thoughts behind it make it even more interesting in my opinion. So I wanted to share some impressions from the book with you!

Atlanta is a stylist and Dave is a designer, they are a married couple and are based in Kent in the UK. No surprise you can expect some creativity from a couple like that! They didn't have the same style when they met - Dave's style is rugged and quite masculine where Atlanta's is more feminine and predominantly white (I've also got her lovely "At home with white" book). However, their approach to interior design has evolved over the 15 years that they've spent living and working together. They were both looking for a simpler and more laid-back style and they shared a passion for anything old and antiques, so that's become the leading thread. 

The book is divided up in chapters that represent the steps in their design philosophy. I liked straight away their first one, 'Keep it Simple', in which they basically plead for decluttering by saying 'Only retain what is useful or beautiful'. I MUST remember that one. Somehow we all collect too many things over the years, don't we?!? 

I won't go into too much detail on the other chapters, but here are some of my favourite spreads:

Atlanta and Dave's cooperation created some chemistry and they subsequently opened up their gorgeous online shop 'Pale & Interesting', making their style available to a wider audience and as if that wasn't keeping them busy enough, they also run a photographic locations agency called The Beach Studios and Locations. (certainly worth a browse too if you're looking for some more inspiration!) 

I hope you enjoyed this little preview and would love to hear if you can recommend any other 'must-reads'!

Lots of love,
Trinske x

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