Sunday, 17 February 2013

Paulina Arcklin, Finnish Stylist and Photographer

I am really excited. Paulina Arcklin is a Finnish, Amsterdam based multi-talented lady. (One of those people you can get that teeny-weeny bit jealous of....) She is a superb photographer but does not only take the most stunning pictures, she orchestrates the entire setting from concept to production and does the story telling too. So in sum, Paulina is a Stylist, Photographer, as well as an Interior and Decorator Writer and has worked with numerous international magazines such as Elle Decoration UK, Dutch VTwonen and 101 Woonideeën, Elle Korea and Glorian Koti in Finland. Sounds pretty impressive, right?!?

So, ready to get inspired? Have a look at some examples of her work below and dream away:

Isn't that gorgeous? It is so beautifully light, powdery soft, yet with a strong sense of design. I think anyone would feel calmer and better spirited in those spaces. Paulina certainly has a love for white (her own home is all white!) However, she is also great in creating different settings as some of the work shows she has already done for HKliving in their showroom or the recent pictures she's taken at Formex 2013 in Sweden: 

So, why I am really excited is, is because Paulina will be working with HKliving again to put a Spring brochure together. Now, that raises the expectations, doesn't it? Obviously I'm slightly biased when it comes to HKliving being the UK agent, but I do think that the result will be amazing with someone like Paulina involved. The brochure will be coming out in a couple of weeks, so keep tuned! I have no idea what it will look like, but I'm sure it will be an eye-catcher and I will certainly share it when it is released. 

Lots of love,

Trinske x

All images are by Paulina Arcklin


  1. Hello! Thank you for coming by the blog. What a lovely page you have as well!

  2. T is je gelukt met de leuke labels, ziet er goed uit!
    Beautiful pictures, I'm very curios for the new HK brochure, I like the brand!

  3. Ja, goed he! Toch leuk om er mee te spelen. Jammergenoeg kon je de stippeltjes niet verkleinen, maar zo is het ook wel goed. En ja, de brochure zal vast mooi zijn, we zullen zien! Heb je nog besloten om naar London te komen, of toch maar niet? x

  4. Lovely photos and agree, great styling. those Cherry blossoms look so stunning. Lovely to see you back blogging. xx

    1. Hi Geraldine, thank you! I would love to blog more, but I'm still learning so not super fast... and with my two little girls I just wish I had more time (also to read more blogs!). We'll get there, Rome wasn't built in one day either my mum always told me. I love your interview at Meet The Blogger by the way! I will be there too on the Saturday, so look forward to seeing you then! x