Sunday, 27 January 2013

Mixing Old Spaces with New

My husband and I went to view a house last week. Not because we need or want to move, but simply because the opportunity came up. It is a grade-II listed old house from around 1720 and has bags of atmosphere with old floors, big fire places, lots of beams and sash-windows with window seats. There are always compromises to be made no matter what budget you have, but it didn't tick all the boxes after all and it needs a lot of work, which we wouldn't be able to afford if we did get it. So unfortunately I think I just have to put it out of my mind as I could so see what an amazing house you can make of it, but I did dream on for a bit.....

My other half isn't so hot on old features like I am, he is more into contemporary design. However, I can appreciate different styles, which is probably why my personal style is a mix. I do like old as well as contemporary design, and so I dreamt for a bit what style we could turn this house into... I found the above pictures on Light Locations and wanted to share with you this snapshot of mixing new into old spaces. How gorgeous does this design kitchen look in this space with old beams? And I LOVE the combination of this beautiful shower with a roll top bath! White washing the beams looks fabulous too, although I think some people would be horrified if we did that in a grade-II listed house.... We live in a new-built property and are lucky to have a soft grey limestone floor with underfloor heating everywhere. That wouldn't be so easy to put into an old property, so I think my next choice would be the light washed herringbone wooden floor!

Have you had any opportunities coming past that really made you think? What do you dream of sometimes?

Lots of love,
Trinske x

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  1. Trinske, that is a beautiful house. It looks great in the picture. Is it superficial works you need to do? Love the marble splashback in the kitchen and those stairs are the same colour grey as ours. xx