Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Touch of Black

Light interiors with a touch of black are often associated with Scandinavian interiors and perhaps that is the case, but I'm Dutch, I'm not deliberately trying to create a Scandinavian style, but I always am drawn to light interiors and I love the power of black. Especially in a strong classic design like the Eames Lounger above. As some of you may know, I have a soft spot for Eames designs as I used to work for Herman Miller, the original manufacturer of all Charles & Ray Eames designs. And I am the proud owner of exactly the version featured - black leather with rosewood veneer, the finish it was originally designed in in 1956. Although you can specify it in different leather colours, it has to be black for me. Hella Jongerius designed a lighter version for Vitra with white leather in cooperation with The Eames Office, but that doesn't do it for me either. BLACK it is. Together with the Eames walnut stool a perfect combination, but the stool is still on my wish list!

A touch of black can really work in many different style of interiors, not just contemporary. The below selection of pictures shows just that and really inspires me to do something more with it:

Images clockwise by Home and Delicious, Las Cositas de Beach & eau,
Rockett St George, Inside Your Inspiration

It may not be the obvious choice to go for a black kitchen, but doesn't it look fabulous in this country style kitchen?!? It works because there are no hanging cupboards. Something I'm a real fan of, as it creates a greater feeling of space and makes it less heavy. Instead, the shelves create storage. A Black/Grey/White scheme is also the perfect background for an injection of colour like this bright pink stool proofs. Notice the subtle link with the pink flowers by the way, making it even stand out better.

A vintage school board is something I'm still planning to put up in our kitchen when I come across one, as it doesn't only look great, it is such a practical tool too. And painting an old side cabinet or putting up a black roman blind is an inexpensive way to create a bit of a statement! 

The left picture is by Anna-Malin from Helt Enkelt blog, who I adore for her style. She always knows to create the most beautiful displays and even in her Instagram pictures she is consistent in her colour scheme and styling! 
And I wish I had a workspace like that (image by Stylizimo Blog). Unfortunately our house isn't big enough to allow a separate workspace for me and the office space we have has been gradually 'confiscated' by my husband as he is not particularly the tidiest person and so there are piles of paperwork on the desk that I'm absolutely not allowed to touch.... Maybe one day, I keep dreaming on...  

Images clockwise by Anna Truelsen, My Scandinavian Home, StyleCookie 

The pictures above inspire me because I love the warmth of the white painted slatted walls and white washed wooden floor, in which the black painted cupboard and a collage of black framed picture frames really link and make it stand out. If it was down to me, I would have painted a lot more in our house, but there are different opinions in our household and hey, sometimes you have to meet somewhere in the middle (grey?!?)... I also love the use of untreated wood and a black soft throw really works on the white bedlinen. The giant black & white button hooks on workspace picture are a bit of fun. They are by HKliving and actually available in my webshop Nordic Rose

Lots of love,
Trinske x


  1. Love, love all the interiors you have featured. I also own an Eames lounger in black and it's so comfortable. Black looks good in little doses to a bare decor. I love combining it with white and natural bleached coloured woods.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Geraldine! The Eames lounger is sooo comfortable and inviting - in fact most people who visit us are drawn to the chair. And sounds like we like the same things! Trinske x

  2. We've had black paint in the garage for over a year to put up on the end wall in the kitchen-maybe this Spring I'll actually get round to it!! Love the button wall hooks too! Hope to see you soon! Cx