Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Are you getting in the mood for Christmas yet? Some great DIY ideas

Christmas is a lovely time in a lot of countries, but particular in England Christmas is incredibly atmospheric and stylish, even though there is hardly ever a white Christmas (at least in the South where I live) and where it instead is often wet. London is one of the greatest cities in the world to go Christmas shopping though and there are so many historic towns and villages that make the perfect background for the lovely Christmas decorations and carol singers. Every year we have for example a huge tree with lights on the small market place in our village, the high street looks magical with all the candles and lights behind the windows of its historic buildings (if you think the cars away, you could imagine yourself living in the 1800's, seriously!) and not to forget the carol singers, who will sing in the local pub.

In the city of Bath, the Christmas lights were switched on last week and so everyone is really starting to get in the mood. As I went shopping last week, I picked up a gorgeous Christmas magazine with tons of lovely crafty ideas and I was tempted to buy it, but then became realistic... Do I really have time to sit down and make lots of lovely decorations and displays? I shouldn't wish the time away, but at the moment with two very small children, I just won't have the time apart for some very simple ones. So I wanted to share with you some great and simple ideas to get you in the mood!

Image sources: Envelope Advent calendar by Martha Stewart, Peg Advent calendar via Pinterest

Image sources: Ribbon Star by Beyond The Picket Fence, Wrapping by Swedish Annixen blog, Cone garland by Swedish Mias Interior blog, Vintage cupcake tea lights via Pinterest

Which one is your favourite? I actually like all of them. I love the simple idea of making an advent calendar of envelopes in the shape of a Christmas tree. As for the Christmas decorations, the red satin ribbon is so effective, especially on a background of driftwood. The wrapping is gorgeous and cutting a doily to size and shape makes a good similar design or have you considered using a nice stamp instead? These days you can buy the most beautiful stamps for not that much money. Have a look at The Stamp Attic for an example of a circle lace stamp. Be careful though, before you know it you may have added a few to your basket! 
I also adore the simple idea of the cones on a jute string and no-one can beat lots of nice tea-lights, especially not in vintage cupcake tins, right?!? 

What will you be making? Have you got a great advent calendar yet? That is on my making wish list for when the children are just that bit bigger...

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  1. I love the envelope calendar idea, I might do one of those for my big kid (Jonny) and put a little message in each day. I'm a bit addicted to stamps as well. It's really easy and cheap to design and get your own rubber stamp made too. I've just put in a huge order for Washi tape so I'm going to be doing something with that this I'm giving you too much to think about : -)

  2. P.S. I love those vintage cupcake tin candles, really christmassy!

  3. Trinske, great post. It's so close to Dec 1st and I still haven't got the advent calendar for my son. The Martha Stewart idea is brilliant - I'm going to put it into action. Thanks for sharing :) x