Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Brown Paper Love as a basis for Christmas Wrapping

As December is approaching us, I am starting to get there with my Christmas shopping. I like to really enjoy the festive month of December and Christmas in particular, so I try to have all my present shopping done by the end of November. Then I can concentrate on decorating, wrapping and food in the final run up to Christmas. That doesn't only save a lot of stress, but it is partly also because we tend to celebrate Saint Nicholas on the 5th December with my family in Holland. (Our daughters get to unwrap presents twice in December!)

I have started to think about Christmas wrapping. I am always attracted to white with a splash of red in our Christmas decorations, just because red feels so Christmassy and I also feel it's a good colour for children. An all white and silver scheme can be gorgeous for example, but children tend to have a preference for colour and that would not be so much fun for them. At least that's my opinion.

And so far as our Christmas wrapping is concerned, I like to keep in mind that the unwrapping of presents is primarily for our girls. That means it needs to be fun and attractive for them too! I have a bit of crush on brown paper as it is such a perfect background for a healthy dose of creativity. It is just so versatile (and affordable, so I can spend more on ribbons, embellishments, etc.!). Hence I've decided that this will be the basis for my Christmas wrapping this year. Now, what to do next?!? Here's some great examples that I find inspiring:

I love the idea with the letters. Kirsten, our eldest is 4 and has started school this year. She can recognise the letters of her name and so that would be fun for her. I also think the idea of the button stamped paper is a great, simple idea. And I'm sure they'll play with the pompoms afterwards (I probably wouldn't even need to bother with real presents...)!

So, what about you? Do you enjoy being creative with wrapping? What are your ideas? I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Lovely ideas. I like using brown Kraft paper to wrap too, that way it gives room for a personalised touch.Love the idea of the yellow button and Baker's twine. Have a great weekend Trinske. x

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, Geraldine! Let's get a bit creative and I hope you have a lovely weekend too! X

  2. Are you serious? You get your christmas shopping done by the end of november? Wow... I usually get it done by the day before christmas. You´re my christmas shopping idol now!