Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!

For a long time I've wanted to start a blog, but the lack of time with the set up of my webshop www.nordicrose.co.uk, a busy family life with two young children and also a little bit the feeling of the unknown have withheld me so far. But now I've signed up for Holly Becker's BYW course, who's an amazing example with her Decor8 blog and I'm so excited! I've heard such great things about the course and my good friend Anna from Mischief Flapjacks Pantone & Me convinced me it is time to take the jump and I've decided to JUST DO IT! 

One of the requirements is a basic knowledge of blogging and so I'm trying to get myself up to speed in time before the course starts on 5th October (eeekkhh!). I've been thinking about my goals, what I want to achieve with my blog and although my blog will be linked to my webshop, I see it as a way to express and share my inspiration, my creativity, a reflection of the person I am behind the webshop, rather than just a tool to increase traffic to the website. I've always loved design and interiors, making a space look homely, as well as crafts such as sewing, embroidery and crochet and the blog will be a great tool to collect, share and learn about what I love.

Everybody who loves design & interiors tends to be visually orientated and pictures speak more than words. So I wanted to introduce myself by means of a picture: 

Image by VTwonen via Pinterest

Isn't that a cosy and inviting place?!? The open fire just fits so nicely with the Autumn feeling, really makes a home feel homely and I love the mix of old and modern design. A bit of everything and anything, which is what I have too in my house. Although slightly different, my personal style is very much mixing antiques with modern classic design pieces. I am a farmer's daughter and so the pig above the mantel piece made me smile! 

I will be giving you a peek into my own home as I get more confident with taking pictures, so please bear with me. I guess the thing you'll see especially more in my own home is the importance of light. Being Dutch and coming from a country with a climate of many grey and rainy days, letting light in and the use of white is key for me. 



  1. Trinske, I LOVE IT!!! You've done a great job, you must be really chuffed :-) xx

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging and what a fab start! :)