Sunday, 21 October 2012

Who doesn't like a clutter free home? The beauty of baskets

As you may have read in my bio, I am the UK agent for Dutch interior brand HKliving. And one of their latest designs are the below dye-dipped baskets. Aren't they gorgeous?!? Without just advertising HKliving, these really caught my eye as I really love the look of them and they will be soooo handy. (We'll have to be a little patient as they are expected to come in in February). 

Source HKliving

It made me think of doing a post about making tidying up a beautiful act, because I love a clutter free home, but in reality this is a mission impossible when you have small children who have no concept of tidiness or even consider throwing things on the floor a fun game.... At least in my house! Plus my husband can be a bit of a hoarder too. So I sometimes get this wweeeee bit frustrated.... and I think the best way to turn this negative feeling into a positive one is using beautiful storage. And the beauty of baskets is that you can simply throw things in it without thinking about it too much!! (Believe me, after you've tidied up those toys, clothes, shoes, etc for the one hundred and fifty sixth time, you really can't be bothered if it's all in the right order, correctly fitted, etc, you just want it out of the way! 

So I wanted to share with you some more examples of gorgeous baskets that I spotted, some of those so nice that they make a nice wall decoration (Hey, and if you have read my previous post, have you noticed I've managed to put the below pictures in a collage?!? I feel rather chuffed!):

The mix of colours and sizes of baskets in the first picture go so well together that you can actually create a nice wall decoration with a little thinking outside the box! Isn't that a fun idea? I saw this picture on EST Magazine, an Australian e-magazine that offers some great inspiration, so really worth having a look at every now and then. 
Baskets tend to be of some kind of wicker or other woven material (the right top picture comes from Room of Creativity Blog, the left bottom one from Tine K Home via Pinterest) but how about gorgeous felt? Felt is such a tactile and versatile material as these baskets prove to be.

How do you keep your house tidy, or do you not mind a little mess? Are you similar to your partner or other members of your family? And if not, what is your way to find a good balance?

Lots of love,


  1. I feel like that with Lego pieces! Gorgeous baskets& great display, thanks for sharing - easy to throw all those Lego into :)

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment - I wondered if I was a bit wingy about tidiness, but I'm glad to hear you feel like that with lego!

  3. I really like the baskets - and your whole blog. so nice to find all those beautiful blogs through byw! Will come back to visit!


  4. These baskets look lovely Trinske. I've got one full of magazines. Talking of kids'mess-downstairs looks hideous-I spend the entire time throwing odds and ends into baskets, and then more baskets...urrrgh!!!

  5. Oh I love these Trinske! I use one for magazines too Caroline but I have to say the display on the wall looks fab! I think my other half would have a fit if I started hanging baskets on the wall though, ha ha!
    Unfortunately he hates clutter and I create's part of the job as a creative person ;-)

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I'm still very much finding my feet with my blog and I keep being amazed that people actually read it AND like it! Blogging Your Way has been so helpful for me, both in terms of my own blog as well as meeting others'! This could be addictive you know...

  7. Hi Trinske, I have a huge crush on baskets too. Have you seen the ones they have at Zara Home? I will follow the launch in Februrary of the HKLiving baskets, just so beautiful!
    I found you through BYW and I have to say your blog beginnings look very promising!

  8. Hi Trinske, love your blog and the wall baskets.

  9. Hi Gudy and Janet, thanks for your comments! Have not seen the Zara Home, but will do as I do come across some really nice stuff from them every now and then. Hope you're both able to keep up with the BYW home work (I'm not quite yet!) and perhaps meet you on the 6th in London?