Sunday, 14 October 2012

The magic of pictures and Blogging Your Way Bootcamp

My third homework post this week is all about learning, learning, and more learning. 

I gave up my job and became self-employed, because I needed more flexibility in my work to fit around our family life, but another major reason was that I really felt an urge to learn more. I had been in my job for too long and I was bored. And being a mum of two young children with little flexibility to travel or work longer hours, there just wasn't much opportunity to grow any further beyond the position I had in the company I worked for. So I decided it was time to take the jump and set up my own webshop.

Image by my favourite blogger Anna-Malin

Setting up my own business was and is a great challenge where I can soak up new experiences and build knowledge. I've slowly started to get myself familiar with (some of) the opportunities of the online world and then there is Blogging Your Way Bootcamp!

I'd been reading blogs and wanting to start one myself for a long time, and having enrolled the course, I actually have managed to start a blog, which feels fabulous! Already in the first week, there's so much to learn and take in that my mind is nearly spinning, but hey, I'll be the last one to complain! There is actually one area I'd particularly like to learn more about and that is photography. I think many of us love to scroll down blog posts and primarily look at the pictures. Pictures are like magic, they speak a thousand words, don't they?!?

Image sourced from Yvestown

I love how some blogs use collages of photo's as well as gorgeous "stamps" or add a note in pretty writing, but how do these experienced bloggers do it? 
I had the idea of quickly becoming an expert myself and purchased Photoshop Elements as well as the book "Photoshop Elements for Dummies". Surely, it can't be THAT difficult??But the book is not particularly the most exciting bedtime reading and I kind of got stuck (now how does that make me feel...?!?). So I've tried to find tutorials, but actually I find them rather hard to find and it's quite a minefield. Gosh, learning about photography is not so easy at all! 

Have any of you found the same? How did you learn the art of (editing) photography? Are there any great teachers amongst you who could give any suggestions particularly about how to put together a collage and include writing with pretty fonts on pictures?

I'd love to hear from you!

Lots of love,


  1. You are doing really well with your homework so far Trinske! You are really good at speaking from the heart. Love the Anna-Malin photo, I agree with you about learning more photography tips, this is my biggest downfall and it makes such a difference to your blog. I think it's covered in the class at some point. Maybe a photography class is our next task after BYW has finished :-)

  2. Thanks for your lovely words, Anna, and yes, I'm up for some lessons on photography! Hope you enjoyed a nice holiday!

  3. HI Trinske,
    A really nice website you should try is You can make your own collages, like the one you showed from Yvestown and also add little buttons and text. Check it out, you'll be amazed! Echt geweldige site om je eigen collages te maken en helemaal niet moeilijk, het wijst zich vanzelf. Sinds ik er van hoorde tijdens m'n eerste BYW cursus in mei, gebruik ik het de hele tijd.
    Succes! Arda

  4. Hi Trinske-you sound so similar to me-I signed up for Kim Klassen photoshop course, but with work and the kids I was doing it late at night. I find everything on the computer so hard-I just don't know I'll ever get to use it. I may look at her free skinny mini course-but then you still need to invest in buying photoshop-nightmare! Hope we get to meet at Holly's do if you're coming. Have just mailed you re using items in a mag shoot! Great blog-I'm going to add you to my blogroll! Caroline x

  5. Hi Trinske, I feel the same way. Just started my blog a few months ago and took Content Brew Class on Momcomm which was fantastic and now Blogging Your Way Class, which I love. I'm trying to learn about blogging, photography, editing, and setting up my blog was a huge challenge for me, I think it took me 6 months! I've been doing a ton of online reading of photography blogs so I can be a better photographer. I'm a little scared about getting photoshop, it seems really complicated. I'm a hairstylist so I have absolutely no computer skills!
    I am feeling a little overwhelmed!
    Love your blog and design taste!
    Take Care and keep up the good work!