Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Something old, something new, something pretty, what inspires you?

Having come back from a nice long weekend away with friends and four young children, I feel refreshed and only a tiny little tired...! So following my first post last week, I am ready for the next one and start working on my homework assignment for Decor8's Blog Your Way Bootcamp course that I've signed up for.

In last week's post I talked a little about what I'd like to achieve with my blog and that for me, it is a means to share what inspires me. Part of the homework assignment is to blog about what inspires you and why. But thinking about what really inspires me and why is actually quite a difficult question! Do you have a clear idea already??

Image by Furococo

Your eye catches something that you visually adore and makes you think, inspires you. But what is that? For me this can be can be something old, a piece of art, some sort of ingenious product design, a person or simply a space, it can be many things, but what they all seem to have in common is a story behind them. An old piece of furniture that is made of a beautiful, tactile material that shows the signs of the times it has survived, the emotions captured in a painting, a personality rather than just a pretty face, a space that is lived in including its imperfections, the thinking outside the box, and perhaps a little pleasant surprise, that is what inspires me.

Image by Pale & Interesting from Atlanta Bartlett

I love homes that represent the personality of the people who live in it and I'm certainly someone who can appreciate many different styles from classic to contemporary, but above all a home needs to feel homely for me, so bring on those candles for the darker days! Some people strive for maximum minimalism, or for the perfect colour styling, but I could never be that disciplined, because I get attached to certain items that carry memories or stories that are important to me. And so one and another just has to fit in, but in a pretty way and I can be really inspired by people who do this very cleverly!

What inspires you? Do you also find it a little tricky to put that down into words and images when it comes down to it?

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  1. Hi from BYW - hope you are well rested after your getaway and just as excited about the class as I am!