Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Simply..... inspirational, oh and gorgeous too!

So, having thought about what inspires me and why, my next homework assignment for my BYW Bootcamp course is to blog about my favourite blog. And this has to be the Helt Enkelt hos mig blog by the lovely Swedish Anna-Malin ("Helt Enkelt hos mig" means "Simply with me"), which is "Simply" a most inspirational and gorgeous blog! 

Don't you love meeting people who you find inspirational because of what they do, who you can continuously learn from, but above all are genuine, lovely and humain? People who give you energy to do what you want to do, rather than finding yourself comparing to them and feel like you're failing? I find Anna-Malin one of those people, who writes on her blog about her love for interiors and styling with stunning pictures of her own home (which continuously changes by the way) or of what she does in her daily life.

Image by Anna-Malin

Anna-Malin is an auto-didact in photography and boy, has she got an eye for it! She has become quite rightly a professional photographer and stylist. I'm sharing some of her pictures here with you. I can identify myself with her style, as Anna-Malin too combines modern classic designs with more rustic designs, all mostly in a gorgeous palette of chic greys, whites and blacks.

Image by Anna-Malin

Image by Anna-Malin

Images by Anna-Malin

What I love about Anna-Malin's blog besides her styling is, that she is very open-hearted about what she loves and does in her daily life. For me, even though I've never met her, it feels like I know her as a friend, she just seems to be so sweet! She shares good moments as well as tough moments, like we all have. 

Image by Anna-Malin

What makes me smile and feel a lot better is that she's also shared with her readers how she beautifully styles her home for photographs, but that in real life it can be quite messy, or rather I should say 'lived-in' too! Do you like the above picture of the yummy danish pastries and vase with flowers? Gorgeous, isn't it? Well, here's how the real table setting looks like:

Image by Anna-Malin

Now, that is a slightly different view, don't you agree?!?

So, Anna-Malin has been very inspirational as a blogger for me and I'd love to learn more about photography, but more about that in my next post....-;)

What is your favourite blog?

Lots of love,


  1. Hi Trinske, I can see why you like the Swedish blog, very pretty pictures. Good post! I love the before and after table pictures. Somehow we always want to show the most prettiest pictures, like living a dream instead of real life... Bye, bye from a fellow Hollander, x Arda ps I read about you being an agent for HK Living, I love the brand!

    1. Hi Arda, thanks for the compliment, that's really encouraging! And I like your blog! Good luck with the rest of the course - I think we all take away a lot from it and it's so much fun. Wellicht tot een volgende keer! Trinske x

  2. Wow, thank you for introducing me to Helt Enkelt hos mig blog! What a beautiful choice for your favorite - I'm really inspired by her work.

  3. Hi Ashley, my pleasure and thank you for your lovely comment! I've only just started blogging and it's so exciting to get comments. I had seen your gorgeous blog and I can learn a lot from yours. Enjoy the rest of the course and perhaps see you on the 6th in London at Holly's event? Trinske x